Help For IBS Suffers

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Ask_A_Nurse Great LJ group to ask anything health related.

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I started this community cause I seen that there
isn't one for IBS suffers. IBS stands for irritable
bowel syndrome. It's more common in women then men.
But men do suffer from it.
Everyone that suffers from IBS are welcome. Feel
free to talk about anything. But please don't have
flame wars, fighting, insult, etc. I made this
community so that we can sopport, help, talk, etc.
This is pretty much a sopport group I guess you can
Please, don't start taking any meds, start any
dieting, etc. without
seeing your doctor about it.

If there's anything you want to be added to the interests
list just leave a post about it and I'll add it.

April is IBS month. Also the color for IBS is periwinkle blue. So your sopport wear a periwinkle ribbon.

Here's some links you might be interested in:
About IBS
Help For IBS
IBS Self Help and Support Group
The IBS Page (IBS Web Sites dic.)
Crohn's Disease, Sick Cows And Contaminated Milk

IBS Self Help and Support Group Bulletin Board
IBS Sopport (yahoo group)
IBS Support Chat Room
Molecular Defect Found for the First Time in IBS Patients
chronic_health (livejournal comm.)
disorders_r_us (livejournal comm.)
curecrohns (livejournal comm.)
Greates Journal IBS Community

Also here's some books you might be interested in:
New Eating Right For A Bad Gut
Author: James Scala

If there's any other websites/books you'll think will help
feel free to email me, leave a post/comment and I'll put it
here with the other websites/books.

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The maintainer is Hall

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